Blair and VeronicaBluebirdsBoris
Boy with GlassesCar WashCar washer
Carnival InspectorCharlotteClyde
Dare to DreamDelivery ManDiamonds' Dance Party
Diamonds the ElephantDinerDiner Lady
Dr. TuskDr. YankemDrive-In Theater
Drugstore ManDucksEddy's Charm
Eddy's FortuneEddy's JobEddy's Sleepover
Eddy's Sore ThroatEddy's VideoEddy's Wrong Order
Eddy LargoEddy Learns to DanceEddy and the Cowboy
Eddy and the RecordEdnaEdna's Mother
Edna the Singing SensationElephants Almost Never ForgetElizabeth's Big Splash
Elizabeth's Biggest FanElizabeth and the Haunted HouseElizabeth in Charge
Elizabeth the Emotional PigFast-Talking JackFast-Talking Jack's Carnival
Fast Talkin' Jack's Real Class ActFilm CrewFootball Field
FredFrisco FrankGiant Trout
GoldfishGone FishingIce Cream Kid
JimmyJittery JugglerJoke Shop
Joke Shop CashierJokers Go WildJournalist
Just for KicksKatieLaszlo
Little Big ManLittle BoyLittle Boy's Mother
Little GirlLittle Girl's FatherLittle Olaf
Lost LakeLucyLulabelle Rose
Lyman SlimeMailmanMarvin's Breakfast Jam
Marvin's High DiveMarvin's Lucky HatMarvin's Roommate
Marvin's SurpriseMarvin Horses AroundMarvin Keeps Track
Marvin and Eddy in the Middle of NowhereMarvin in the MoviesMarvin the Tap-Dancing Horse (character)
Marvinthetap-dancinghorse WikiaMaxMr. P. Nutty
Mr. P. Nutty (episode)Mrs. LarueMrs. Larue's House
Ned BoosterNewsmanNow You See It...
OlafOlaf's ParentsPaint Your Wagon
Pepperoni Pete's Pizza ParlorPetePolice Chief Klutz
Pop Goes the WeaselReginald's HouseReginald Farnsworth
RicochetSheila B. ShwellSloppy Lady
Squinty PeteSquirrelsStripes' Dental Fuss
Stripes' Mis-FortuneStripes' MotherStripes' Sticky Situation
Stripes' World TourStripes Takes OffStripes the Tiger
SydneyTaxi Cab DriverThe Big Show
The BullThe Importance of Being EddyThe Iron Claw
The MayorThe New BandThe Penguin's Five
The Shwell GirlsThe Slime CarnivalThe Slime Clowns
The Talent ScoutsThe TownThe Visit
To Flea or Not to FleaTruth or BearVisit to Grandma's
When Pigs FlyWhen the Stars Come OutWild Bear
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